1-day Leading with Outcomes workshop, June 20th, Europe-friendly timing

You may recall that we put public training on hold while we – Agendashift Academy – reorganised the Leading with Outcomes curriculum and launched our self-paced training offerings, but we’re back! It’s also our first full-day workshop for quite some time. It’s offered by the Swiss professional association swissICT as part of LAS Academy, a week of workshops they’re hosting in the run-up to their LAS Conference on June 23rd. Thank you to them and in particular Wolfgang Rathert for helping to make this happen.

What you need to know:

  • When: 20th June 2022, 09:30CEST (08:30BST) to 17:30CEST (16:30BST)
  • Where it is: Zoom
  • What it’s called: Inside-out Strategy: Leading with outcomes in times of change
  • What it is: Workshop-based training
  • What you’ll be doing: You’ll be doing some inside-out strategy¹ (twice in fact), and doing it Agendashift-style
  • What you’ll be learning: You’ll be learning how to put outcomes ahead of solutions², avoiding the dysfunctions that accompany traditional change management approaches
  • Prerequisites: None – we’ll cover enough of Leading with Outcomes:Foundation that no prior knowledge is necessary, and you’ll qualify for your Inside-out Strategy certificate without it³
  • Who’s it for: anyone who recognises that being a leader in a transforming organisation is difficult enough without your change management approach making things worse
  • Price: CHF690 (roughly £570 or €670), less a 10% discount when you book via the link below

¹ Inside-out: that’s strategy that starts from your internal experience and capability; we have an outside-in (customer-first) strategy track too and will discuss the two approaches together
² That’s basically who we are, outcomes-before-solutions people
³ We won’t be doing that often – the opportunity was just too good to miss

Use the link below to claim a 10% discount:

What if we put agreement on outcomes ahead of solutions?

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