Agendashift roundup, January 2023

In this edition: February and March; Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale; Top posts; Events, self-paced training, and media

February and March

Approaching fast, the next of our monthly webinar and AMA sessions takes place on Thursday. And starting on the 15th, the next Leading with Outcomes: Train-the-Trainer/Facilitator (TTT/F):

The webinar is free of course – all welcome – and for TTT/F, discounts apply. If you’re an authorised trainer or facilitator, a partner past or present, an attendee of a past workshop, you’re a government/education/non-profit employee, or if you’re un/under-employed, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a coupon code.

Disappointingly, my trip to Berlin got postponed until April at the earliest – my sincere apologies if you were hoping to join me there. April is I think too soon for another public event, but if you have a core of participants ready to go, shout.

March sees our next Leading with Outcomes: Foundation (discounts as above), and for the webinar series, guests!

Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale

I’m pleased to report that the fourth and final Leading with Outcomes module, Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale is now in limited beta, with the self-paced version launching properly in the coming weeks. I am super-excited about this module – I still have a fourth book to publish, but I think this will lead to the fifth!

I’m ready now to offer also it in the form of interactive training over two days, ideally in person. My plan is to offer it initially with a heavy discount that decreases rapidly, disappearing entirely as soon the module is ready for other authorised trainers to use. If that sounds like an opportunity for your organisation or for a client of yours, do let me know.

Top posts

  1. It’s 10 years since the post that changed my career
  2. Your organisation in 5 networks (November 2022)
  3. What I really think about Kanban (April 2022)
  4. ‘Right to Left’ works for Scrum too (July 2018)
  5. Better user stories start with authentic situations of need (October 2016)

Events, self-paced training, and media


Self-paced training – Leading with Outcomes at the Agendashift Academy

All included in your Agendshift for Individuals subscription, the four modules of Leading with Outcomes:

  1. Leading with Outcomes: Foundation (available also interactively, see Events above)
  2. Inside-out Strategy: Fit for maximum impact
  3. Outside-in Strategy: Positioned for success
  4. Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale (in limited beta, launching soon)

Highly affordable multi-user Agendashift for Business subscriptions are also available – please contact me for a brochure.


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