We did it! Agendashift is fully live

We did it! Agendashift is out of beta and 22 awesome Lean-Agile coaches, consultants, and trainers have joined me as authorised partners and facilitators. Each of them has full access to the Agendashift tools and materials and will be using them with their clients  (many in fact are already doing so).

The choice of the word “partner” has turned out to be very apt. It has been a genuine pleasure to take each of them through the onboarding process in one to two hours of video calls. We’ve had a great time in our Slack community in recent weeks too, and we’ve collaborated on a number of significant refinements and enhancements to the tools, the prompts, and the workshop materials.

Meet the first 21 partners

Excluding one name kept private by the choice of their employer (a scenario we anticipated and were happy to cater for), see them listed in their full glory in the partner directory.

But let me name and thank them here too:  Alexei Zheglov (Canada), Andrea Chiou (USA), Brad Hughes (USA), Chris Roberts (UK), Colm O’hEocha (Ireland), Dragan Jojic (UK), Ian Carroll (UK), Irshad Nizami (India), Jose Casal (UK), Jussi Mäkelä (Sweden), Karl Scotland (UK), Kenny Grant (UK), Martien van Steenbergen (Netherlands), Mike Leber (Austria), Nikos Batsios (Greece), Olivier MY (France), Patrick Steyaert (Belgium), Russ Lewis (UK), Sathish K Mohanraj (USA), Susanne Bartel (Germany), and Thorbjørn Sigberg (Norway).

What are they able to do?

Authorised partners have full access to the following:

  • The Agendashift values-based delivery assessment, our distinctively non-prescriptive, non-judgemental, methodology-neutral tool, refined continuously beyond all recognition through use and collaborative, community-based review since it was first extracted from my book. Many partners already use it in their one-to-one coaching and to support team or organisation-wide exercises.
  • The Agendashift debrief/action workshop: a powerful synthesis of Lean-Agile values, exploration techniques from Clean Language, and complexity thinking from Cynefin. Thoroughly modern in its philosophy and choice of tools, its job is to foster deep agreement on objectives, outcomes, and actions whilst maintaining alignment on broader organisational concerns.
  • The Agendashift transformation strategy framework: our 10,000-foot view of the Lean-Agile transformation process. This keeps us both real and empathetic, reminding us of the scale of the challenge faced by anyone with leadership responsibility and the heart for transformation.

What does it mean for me?

Whether you’re a coach or a manager, if you’re in the business of Lean-Agile transformation, Agendashift is for you. Our partners can assist you (they’d be delighted of course) or you can join the programme, become an Agendashift facilitator, and have these powerful tools at your disposal.

Intrigued but not sure? Our Slack community is three times the size of our partner community. To put that another way, one third of our Slack community are already partners! Join us (you would find us most welcoming) and you’ll soon get a sense of what we’re all about. Or get in touch and we’d be happy to talk you through your options.

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