Agendashift roundup, post-launch edition (September 2016)

This month: The big launch; Tool improvements; Upcoming events; Top posts

The big launch

September has been good to me – Kanban from the Inside was published in September 2014, and Agendashift has escaped from beta almost exactly two years later. It obviously does me good to enjoy much of the summer at home instead of working away!

The launch itself exceeded expectations – we went live with more partners already signed up than I dared to expect and I’ve had onboarding calls in my diary ever since as new partners come on board.

There were no major dramas, not that you’d expect too many after a year or more in beta! The additional scrutiny did throw up a niggle or suggestion or two that were addressed quickly. We even managed to roll out some enhancements (more on those next).

Tool improvements

  • Grouped/tagged reports: in both the single-assessment review page and the survey-level charts page you can now sort prompts independently of the category to which they belong. Select “Tagged” from the Show menu to enable this. The old behaviour, “Grouped”, remains the default.
  • You can now “archive” un-needed contexts, surveys, and assessments. This has the effect that they’re hidden from view until you choose to un-archive them.
  • Additionally, you can mark assessments as “excluded” if you want to keep them visible but have their data filtered out from survey results.
  • You can add notes to assessments, with Markdown support
  • If you wish, you can use Markdown in your profile bio also (like I did in mine)

Meanwhile we have been making good use of Slack (see the #assessments channel) and Google Docs to collaborate on the wording of the prompts in the Agendashift values-based delivery assessment. You may remember from a few weeks ago a blog post on one such update (What, no “stand-up meeting”?); watch out for more of those in the coming weeks.

The workshop facilitation deck has benefited from further revision also, and there is now a facilitator’s guide (for partner use).

Upcoming events

Watch this space for listings of public training events in the UK towards the end of the year and/or into next year. If you’re interested in private training meanwhile (I do quite a bit of that, mainly in the UK and Ireland), check out the Agendashift website. In due course we’ll list partner events there too.

Top posts

And in a category of their own, pages for our popular resources:

Blog: Monthly roundups | Classic posts

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Community: Slack | LinkedIn group | Twitter

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