Agendashift facilitator days in Leeds and London


Quick one…

In response to demand, we’re looking into running Agendashift facilitator days in Leeds and London, early-mid December and mid January respectively.

You should consider attending if:

  • You’re already an Agendashift partner and you’d like to see and practice the running of an Agendashift debrief/action workshop
  • You’re considering becoming a partner and you’d like to get up to speed quickly
  • You’ve a general interest in Lean-Agile transformation as coach, consultant or sponsor and would like to see what our inclusive, non-prescriptive, method-neutral and values-based approach is all about

Pricing isn’t set yet but we plan to keep this affordable. Locations will be accessible by train. We have some interest from Europe for the London event and we’re likely to choose a location near St Pancras.

If interested, contact me (Mike Burrows) directly or via these links:

Neither of these work for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts on where and when these events could be successful:

Have a great weekend!

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