Agendashift roundup, February 2020

In this edition: Partners on tour; My short-to-medium term backlog; Top posts

A little early this month – I’m avoiding the rush before my trip to Gurugram, India (conference and workshop). Given that I did an interim roundup a couple of weeks ago, this one is mostly forward-looking; scroll down to the Top posts section to catch up on anything you may have missed.

Partners on tour

In two weeks time I’ll be flying into Copenhagen, Denmark, speaking at the #AgilityLab meetup (guest of my friend Leise Passer Jensen), then taking the train across the famous Öresund bridge to Malmö, Sweden – an easy trip if you’re thinking of joining us. That’s for this:

Julia was the first Agendashift partner to run public workshops and I’m very glad to have the opportunity to compare notes and styles! I work hard to make the material not just repeatable and reliable for my own sake, but transferable too. This doesn’t mean that every workshop is the same though – by design they’re highly sensitive to context and even the most self-consciously neutral of facilitators contributes something of themselves to that. In fact, most participants want something of their facilitator’s values and background to shine through, and Julia’s deep background in Lean, Agile, and DevOps is well worth paying attention to.

My next hosts are Agendashift partners Kjell Tore Guttormsen and Halldor Kvale-Skattebo, for the world premiere of the Wholehearted:OKR workshop:

I’ve known Kjell Tore for a while and we have quite a bit in common. Both of us have done work for our countries’ respective social security departments, Kjell Tore as an employee of Norway’s NAV, and myself as (among other things) the interim delivery manager on the Carer’s Allowance digital service for the UK’s DWP (truly a privilege). Also, and easily justifying the Oslo launch, Kjell Tore was an early collaborator on the outside-in strategy review that lies at the heart of the new workshop.

Back in the UK, I join forces with partners Karl Scotland and Steven Mackenzie, who with Mike Haber (not a partner but already a contributor), are the new workshop’s co-designers:

Karl has been a close collaborator from the beginning, encouraging Agendashift’s development “upstream” from its beginnings in the Agendashift Delivery Assessment and emphasising what might be called its “complexity consciousness”. Well downstream of the assessment, Karl was also – with Liz Keogh – co-creator of what we now call Option Relationship Mapping, easily my favourite innovation of 2019.

Having used it with clients as diverse as a technology startup and an agency of the UN, Steven is one of the most experienced partners in the use of Agendashift as an engagement model for coaches. His experience and eye for detail greatly benefited the books – effectively he was editor-in-chief to both Agendashift (2018) and Right to Left (2019).

Looking ahead to June, I’ll be back in Oslo with Kjell Tore and Halldor, this time for an Advanced Agendashift workshop:

For the workshops mentioned above, discount codes NORDIC2020 and LONDON2020 (you’ll know which one to use) will get you 20% off. Outside this “tour”:

See also our workshops and events pages – Switzerland, USA, and Australia to be added soon. And for more information about the partner programme:

You don’t have to be another Julia, Kjell Tore, Karl, or Steven to be a partner but I’m very glad to have them! Honestly, if you see value in outcome orientation, can see yourself being in the business of building wholehearted organisations, and/or want to do more at the exciting intersection of Lean-Agile, strategy, and organisation development, you’ll fit in just fine.

My short-to-medium term backlog

I’m a great believer not just in “eventual transparency” but in “working out loud”. A few days ago I posted the following on the Agendashift Slack:

Screenshot 2020-02-25 10.38.00

As you might guess from number of replies, there is already progress on multiple fronts. Join us on Slack to participate; announcements here when they’re ready.

Top posts

  1. Aka the ‘And when X…’ game
    – with some background, a new update to our Clean Language-inspired coaching game, 15-minute FOTO
  2. The language of outcomes
    – a series of 5 posts started in January and concluded this month
  3. Better user stories start with authentic situations of need (October 2016)
  4. Stringing it together with Reverse Wardley (February 2019)
  5. From Reverse STATIK to a ‘Pathway’ for continuous transformation (October 2019)

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