Agendashift roundup, May 2021

In this edition: Conferences (I): Agendashift comes of age; Conferences (II): Lean Agile Global and the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation; Xagility podcast interview; Upcoming; Top posts

Conferences (I): Agendashift comes of age

2021 will go down as an epic year for Agendashift – the 2nd edition, the Agendashift Academy, and now (last week) our first conference. More than 400 registrations taken over a highly compressed launch period (500, if you count those who asked to register after the event), great feedback, and given that it was neither instigated nor organised by me, proof that Agendashift has a life of its own! Expanding on that thought, I blogged about it the following day:

If you have a paid ticket, you have access to the recordings already. Log back into the conference site, visit the auditorium, and find the plenary sessions (my introduction and opening and closing keynotes), the two main tracks, and a bonus session. If you don’t have access, watch this space – we’ll make an announcement on that soon.

Conferences (II): Lean Agile Global 2021

This week I spoke at Lean Agile Global 2021 (which we sponsored) with a brand new talk titled ‘Up and Down the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation – business agility at every scale‘. As per the last couple of chapters of the Agendashift 2nd edition, it’s Agendashift plugged into the classic Viable System Model, a model that scales like no other. Check out both for a flavour and for some clues of future developments.


Xagility podcast

I had the pleasure of doing a podcast interview this month with John Coleman for the Xagility podcast. Listen to it on your favourite podcast platform (where you can leave a rating/review) or here:

This and past recordings both audio and video are available listed on our media page.


My apologies for the postponement for family reasons of the June Deep Dive. That leaves no interactive public workshops in next month but don’t forget the self-paced option! It’s a great place to start and there’s plenty of time to complete it before Coaching with Outcomes in July.

Not that it’s compulsory but there’s easily time to complete this before the next of our scheduled interactive workshops:

*Expanded from 2 hours

Top posts

  1. What do I mean by ‘generative pattern’;?
  2. Agendashift came of age yesterday
  3. The IdOO pattern as leadership model
  4. From Reverse STATIK to a ‘Pathway’ for continuous transformation (October 2019)
  5. Announcing 1) our first self-paced training Leading with Outcomes (LwO) and 2) the Agendashift Academy (April)

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