Announcing 1) our first self-paced training Leading with Outcomes (LwO) and 2) the Agendashift Academy


Last week’s little announcement (a rename) paves the way for today’s, big enough that I’ll do it two parts:

  1. Leading with Outcomes (LwO) is our first self-paced training offering, and we’re very excited about it, seeing it as the foundation module for a powerful blend of self-paced and real-time/interactive/experiential learning. And it won’t be the last such module – recognising that some of the new material introduced in the Agendashift 2nd edition is well suited to that medium. We anticipate that by the end of the year it will be possible to do a “hybrid” Deep Dive equivalent over an extended period and multiple modules, both self-paced and interactive.
  2. Agendashift Academy ( is both our new platform for self-paced training and the hub for our training workshops and other public events. It has been several months in the making, a collaboration with Agendashift partner Kjell Tore Guttormsen and Humanize, the Norway-based company of which he is a principal. My gratitude and respect for them is enormous.

The Academy has been hiding in plain sight for a while – among other things it hosts the landing page for our May 18th conference. Well done if you guessed what we were up to! Longer term it gives us a new platform for different kinds of participation: people from a range of backgrounds self-funding their (quite affordable) self-development; the ecosystem of Agendashift partners, their firms, and their clients; corporates using Agendashift in their learning & development programmes.

Before we go any further, a launch offer:

Listed now on the Academy’s Store page are our scheduled workshops, the next one only days away:

Coaching with Outcomes (April and July, for EMEA and APAC – hurry if you want to do the EMEA one) is the interactive version of Leading with Outcomes. They’re a great pairing, LwO doing the groundwork and CwO focussing on the experience, facilitation options, and so on. CwO will evolve this year to acknowledge its self-paced cousin but LwO is not yet a prerequisite. That will change.

Strategic Mapping with Outcomes (also soon – early May for EMEA) is our most popular single-session workshop. It is included in the Deep Dive and is a natural follow-on to CwO and LwO.

The Agendashift Deep Dive (June, Americas) still goes strong, and my feeling is that there will always be a place for something as intensive as this. Some however will prefer the hybrid model and take its equivalent over a period of months. And they’re not mutually exclusive – not so crazy when you know that there are people out there who have done multiple Deep Dives!

You may be relieved to hear that this completes the announcements and followups saved up pending the launch of the 2nd edition of the book. So to finish, let me bring them all together:

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