Agendashift roundup, July 2021

It’s summer here – schools out since last week – and I’m going to make this a short one. Here’s the latest:

  1. At the top of our media page you’ll find some new additions, in particular interviews with Radek Orszewski (don’t be put off by the Polish introduction – it’s in English from 05:40 onwards) and Jean Shin (released in two parts, so scroll down for part 1 first). Fingers crossed the recording of my evening at the Agility Leadership Network meetup will be up soon also – great hosts and a highly enjoyable session.
  2. I’m now recording the fourth and final session of the next self-paced training module Outside-in Strategy with Outcomes. Expect an early September launch and likely some pre-launch activity in August. Some great feedback on Leading with Outcomes meanwhile; if you’re partway through it or thinking about doing it and would like a quick Zoom about it, do drop me a line.
  3. I got an amazing response to my call for pilots for the new assessment tool, excited not just by the volume of replies but by the diversity of the organisations involved. If you’re interested but didn’t respond right away, I do still have capacity and the offer is still open. Not for long though!


And always at your convenience and pace:

Top posts


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  3. Inside-out or outside-in? A strategy warmup (June)


  1. From Reverse STATIK to a ‘Pathway’ for continuous transformation (October 2019)
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Not a mention a quite ridiculous number of views for the pre-Agendashift Introducing Kanban through its values (January 2013). Still going strong!

What if we put authentic agreement on meaningful outcomes ahead of solutions?

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