Agendashift roundup, January 2022

In this edition: Leading with Outcomes: Foundation launches next week; Celebration-5W version 7; Upcoming events; Top posts

Leading with Outcomes: Foundation launches next week

We’ve been in beta a few weeks now, reworked a couple of things that didn’t land quite as well as I would have liked, and now we’re finishing off the final touches. We have a launch day in mind, but if it’s a day or two later, that’s ok!

If you’re a subscriber, you’ll know when it’s ready. A taste of what to expect meanwhile:

  • A Foundation module (launching next week) that will be the main entry point to the rest of the Leading with Outcomes curriculum, available initially as online self-paced training, later as classroom training (online or in person, public or private)
  • Primarily for “leaders in transforming organisations”; if you think there’s a chance that this description might fit you, your colleagues, and/or (if you have them) your clients, then it’s relevant – likewise if it describes something you could aspire to
  • Applicability at all levels of organisation, with something fresh and accessible to offer leaders at all levels of authority and experience
  • Plenty of practical exercises relevant to your context – 18 in Foundation alone! Spoiler alert: you will be doing some actual strategy work
  • Over the course of 2022, modules both study-based and experiential (public or private) for each of the following three tracks: Inside-out Strategy, Outside-in Strategy, and Adaptive Organisation

Celebration-5W version 7

More than just a version announcement, this post reveals some development work that I’m already testing privately and will include and explain in the Outside-in Strategy track of Leading with Outcomes:

Celebration-5W deck 2022-01 v7

Upcoming events

We’ll start scheduling workshops again as Leading with Outcomes gets up and running. A couple of planned speaking appearances will hit the events page in the next few days.

Top posts

  1. Celebration-5W version 7
  2. Leading with Outcomes: a cheat sheet (March 2021)
  3. Get unstuck and get going: Starting small with 5% and 15% outcomes (October 2021)
  4. Celebration-5W version 6, “your next big breakthrough” (September 2021)
  5. My favourite Clean Language question (January 2019)

What if we put authentic agreement on meaningful outcomes ahead of solutions?

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