New! Authorised Facilitator and Trainer Programmes for Leading with Outcomes

Another milestone for Agendashift and the Agendashift Academy: the partner programme goes into sunset mode (no new signups accepted from today) and is replaced by two new programmes:

  • Authorised Leading with Outcomes Facilitator – everything you need to bring the tools of Leading with Outcomes into your workplace or practice
  • Authorised Leading with Outcomes Trainer – on top of the above, the ability to deliver certified public or private training in the Leading with Outcomes curriculum

Of the two, Facilitator corresponds most closely with the old partner programme: it provides access to the Agendashift assessment tools and to integrated workshop materials.

The Trainer programme goes significantly further in allowing something that previously was excluded, namely for Agendashift-related services to be offered explicitly as training. Moreover, it is designed to be open to innovation: trainers will be able to use Academy-provided materials as-is, customised to local needs, used with or without the Academy’s video material, packaged for cohort-based training, and so on.

You’ll find detailed information on both programmes at the link below, including dates for forthcoming Train-the-Trainer / Facilitator (TTT/F) events.

More about the Leading with Outcomes curriculum (each page except the last one has a short video):

And subscription plans:

Let me finish by thanking the existing partners and early Academy students for their support, patience, encouragement, and enthusiasm as they watch this come together. It means a lot! Thank you!

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