Agendashift roundup, July 2022

In this edition: Outside-in Strategy: Positioned for success; Train-the-Trainer / Facilitator (TTT/F); Two new interviews; Cape Cod Institute’s BMI Series; Upcoming events; Top posts

Outside-in Strategy: Positioned for success

The fifth and final chapter of Outside-in Strategy: Positioned for success went live today. If you need a customer-first strategy or you have something to contribute to one, check out this unique self-paced training. With plenty of leadership-focussed content, it’s based on the outside-in strategy review found in my books Right to Left (where most of a chapter is devoted to it) and the Agendashift 2nd edition (where we ask the question “Who’s invited?“).

This is the third of four planned Leading with Outcomes modules, and like everything we do it’s applicable at every scale – team, team-of-teams, something bigger, something different even – and every level of experience. Come join us! Have your colleagues join us!

We have subscription plans for individuals and businesses, and do reach out if you’re in the government, non-profit, or educational spaces – we’d be glad to work something out for you.

Train-the-Trainer / Facilitator (TTT/F)

And earlier this week:

Let’s just say that we’ve been busy! Next up (this autumn): Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale and I’m super-excited about that one – I think there’s another book in it…

Two new interviews

These and more on the media page:

Cape Cod Institute’s BMI Series

Next April I’m doing a workshop for the Cape Cod Institute’s BMI Series in dialogic organisation development – organised with the people responsible for some of Agendashift’s key references: Dialogic Organisation Development (Bushe & Marshak), The Dynamics of Generative Change (Bushe), and a curated series of books, including (fingers crossed) one of mine in the not-too-distant future. Needless to say, it is quite something to be invited, and more on that new book soon.

The event page is here:

And a PDF brochure:

Upcoming events

Top posts

  1. A new (alternate) Outside-in Strategy Review template
  2. If you want to understand scaling… (two-part series)
  3. My favourite Clean Language question (January 2019)
  4. On values, meaningfulness, and change – parallels with Bateson and Mead (May)
  5. New! Authorised Facilitator and Trainer Programmes for Leading with Outcomes

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Outside-in Strategy: Positioned for success