Agendashift roundup, March 2023

In this edition: Adaptive Organisation (I) and (II); Three days in sunny June (date change); The questions that drive us (Webinar/AMA); Top posts; Events, self-paced training, and media

Adaptive Organisation (I) and (II)

Three related news items:

  1. Adaptive Organisation (I) part I of Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale has been out a few days now
  2. Chapter 4. Between and Across Scales: What the scaling frameworks don’t tell you, the first chapter of part II is just out
  3. April 27th meetup: Between spaces, scopes, and scales: What the scaling frameworks don’t tell you

Just two more chapters to go now! You can start part I now, claim your certificate for that, and you’ll be well placed to finish part II by the end of April.

Three days in sunny June (date change)

Please note: To accommodate two anticipated block bookings, we’ve pushed this event back by a week.

Three days, each available separately, each certified. Buy two consecutive days and save 20%. Buy all three together and save 30%:

  • Day 1. Tuesday, June 20th: Leading with Outcomes: Foundation
  • Day 2. Wednesday, June 21st: Adaptive Organisation (I): Business agility at every scale
  • Day 3. Thursday, June 22nd: Adaptive Organisation (II): Between spaces, scopes, and scales

Save a further 10-40% with the discount code shown on your Agendashift Academy subscription – see the What’s included page of your Welcome course in your Academy library.

Book your 1, 2, or 3 days here:

The questions that drive us (Webinar/AMA)

The next of our monthly webinar/AMA sessions approaches quickly – it’s this coming Tuesday:

For May I’m thrilled to announce a special guest (we compared diaries only a few minutes ago):

If you missed it, February’s was recorded:

Top posts

  1. Balance, constraint, and freedom (March)
  2. Three days in sunny June, London (updated) (March)
  3. Sell the pain, not the solution, the theory, or the blame (December)
  4. Between spaces, scopes, and scales (February)
  5. Your organisation in 5 networks (November)

Events, self-paced training, and media

Upcoming events

With me (Mike Burrows) unless otherwise indicated.



Self-paced training

Leading with Outcomes from the Agendashift Academy
“Leadership and strategy in the transforming organisation”

Leading with Outcomes is our modular curriculum in leadership and organisation development. Each module is available as self-paced online training or as private, instructor-led training (online or in-person). Certificates of completion or participation according to format. Its four modules in the recommended order:

  1. Leading with Outcomes: Foundation
  2. Inside-out Strategy: Fit for maximum impact
  3. Outside-in Strategy: Positioned for success
  4. Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale (parts I and II, a certificate for each)

Individual subscriptions from £24.50 per month, business subscriptions from £269 per month, with discounts available on both kinds of plan for employees and employers in the government, healthcare, education, and non-profit sectors.

For public training events, see our Events calendar. These are discounted for subscribers when the event is operated by us.

To deliver Leading with Outcomes yourself, see our Authorised Facilitator and Trainer Programmes. Our next TTT/F trainings take place in September (online) and December (Bengaluru, India).


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