Agendashift roundup, pre-launch edition (August 2016)

This month: The big launch; Agendashift and Featureban on Slack and LinkedIn; Upcoming events; Top posts

The big launch

We’ve made several releases to this month as we gear up for the official launch mid September of our partner programme, aimed at anyone who is in the business of Lean-Agile transformation – whether that’s as coach, consultant, manager, or some combination of the three – and wants access to tools that are non-prescriptive and non-judgemental, but still thoroughly thought-provoking and action-inducing.

Expect to see some names you recognise in our partner directory; if you want yours to be there on day 1 and included in our launch announcement on or near September 14th, make sure you get your onboarding session booked! A number have taken place already, with more in the diary or promised.

Some of the recent website improvements are described in the blog post The big pre-launch release. We’ve actually made several more since then, including a significant revamp of assessment-level and survey-level reporting.

Agendashift and Featureban on Slack and LinkedIn

Just in the last couple of weeks we’ve started a Slack community – 45 members already and growing every day. Admission is by invite only (that’s how Slack works), but don’t hesitate to ask for one. We have channels dedicated to #coaching, #assessments, #featureban, and #leadership; there’s also an #introduce-yourself channel for new joiners, and a #launch channel for tracking launch-related activity, new releases, and the like.

The Agendashift group on LinkedIn remains a good place to check for announcements and blog posts. Membership recently passed the 400 mark.

Upcoming events

Sadly, I will have to miss Lean Kanban India 2016 (9th-10th September). This was due mainly to an oversight on my part, but it would have been a crazy time for me to be traveling also!

Top posts

And in a category of their own now, pages for our popular resources:

Blog: Monthly roundups | Classic posts

Home | Partner programme | Resources | ContactMike
Community: Slack | LinkedIn group | Twitter

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