Agendashift workshops in Seattle, London, Boston, and Berlin

With two new dates recently added to the calendar I’m taking the opportunity to share what’s currently available, with workshops in Seattle, London, Boston, and Berlin. Dates for Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Greece will be published soon. And in case you’re not sure what an Agendashift workshop actually entails, I’ve included an overview of the typical 2-day Advanced workshop at the end of this post.

First up, in late March, Julia Wester is holding a Core, 1-day workshop in Seattle, WA, USA. To my knowledge this is the first public Agendashift workshop to be held in the Pacific Northwest:

Soon after (in early April) and added to calendar only this week, I’m holding a 2-day, Advanced workshop in London. Note that Advanced doesn’t mean “more complicated” or “for experts only”! Rather, it has more space and depth – for better experience if you can make the time for it – and it includes all the Core exercises. At the end of this post I’ve included the workshop description so you can easily check it out for yourself.

That’s only a few weeks away, but still there are some discounted early bird and super early bird tickets available for a limited period.

On the 14th & 15th May I’ll be speaking and facilitating at the Open Leadership Symposium in Boston, a very exciting development that I’ll be writing about soon. Immediately afterwards, the Advanced workshop will be one of a selection of post-conference masterclasses:

Finally, the week after Boston after I’ll be back with my friends at Leanovate in Berlin for what is becoming a regular fixture:

Overview of the 2-day Advanced workshop (taken from the London event)

“Looking back to the Agendashift session a few weeks ago, it has been incredibly helpful to me in my professional development”

“What stood out for me was how the participants started to develop a shared ownership of organisational change through shared outcomes and values. It managed to align even a bunch of strangers”

Expanding on (and including) the core Agendashift workshop Facilitating Outcome-Oriented Change, this 2-day workshop is aimed at coaches, consultants, and managers wishing to:

  • Develop their coaching and leadership skills in the areas of enquiry, facilitation, strategy deployment, and change leadership
  • Broaden and deepen their appreciation of the Lean-Agile landscape and related bodies of knowledge and their strategic application to organisational development

Who should attend?

The advanced workshop is aimed at agents and leaders of organisational change – whether internal or external, specialist practitioner, or sponsor. Whilst the majority of attendees have been coaches and consultants, a significant number have held managerial and business leadership roles.

Public workshops are focussed primarily on skills. You will however have ample opportunity to put them into your organisational context and demonstrate Agendashift’s ability to meet organisational needs in ways such as these:

  1. Launching, refocusing, or re-energising continuous transformation in your organisation
  2. Enhancing your organisation’s internal coaching and change management capability
  3. Embedding outcome-orientation and continuous transformation through leadership development

Participants will receive a print copy of the book Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation



Day 1: Learning the language of outcomes

Discovery: Describing where we would like to get to

  • Exploring organisational context, objectives, obstacles, and outcomes
  • Celebration-5W and our Clean Language-inspired coaching game 15-minute FOTO
  • Plan on a page
  • Culture, values, and Systems Thinking

Exploration: Prospecting for opportunities

  • Mission, purpose, and identity
  • Self-awareness and empathy
  • Debriefing your Agendashift delivery assessment (set as prework, sent out a week in advance)
  • Generating outcomes
  • Understanding and supporting the learning process

Day 2: Structuring the response

Mapping: Building a visual transformation plan

  • Multiple tools and models for transformation mapping – Cynefin, (Reverse) Wardley Mapping, User Story Mapping
  • Strategy model reconciliations
  • Other mapping tools

Elaboration: Framing actions, testing our thinking
& Operation: Change as real work

  • Changeban: a Lean Startup flavoured variant of Featureban, our popular simulation game
  • Creating options, framing hypotheses, developing experiments with A3
  • Cross-checking your experiment design
  • Authenticity: stories, requirements, and needs


  • Practice in a range of outcome-centric facilitation techniques
  • Recognition of the role of outcome orientation in the modern organisation
  • Understanding of the integration of techniques and concepts from Lean-Agile, Kanban, Clean Language, Cynefin, Lean Startup, and A3.
  • Awareness of the power of feedback loops in organisational behaviour and evolution


Current members of the Agendashift partner programme and attendees of previous Agendashift workshops are eligible to a £50 discount. Attendance at this workshop qualifies new partners to the same discount off their first year membership. We are also happy to offer discounts to employees in the public, educational, and charitable/non-profit sectors. Please email for details and discount codes.

About us

Your facilitator will be Agendashift founder Mike Burrows. Mike is the author of Kanban from the Inside (2014) and Agendashift: Outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (2018); his third book Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile is due in 2019. Mike is known for Kanban’s values model, the Featureban and Changeban games, and as a strong advocate for participatory and outcome-oriented approaches to change, transformation, and strategy. Prior to his consulting career, Mike was global development manager and Executive Director at a top tier investment bank, and CTO for an energy risk management startup.

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