Agendashift roundup, January 2021

Keeping this one short – more to come once I have firm dates on the 2nd edition of the Agendashift book. It is still on track for late March, with a flurry of launch-related activity either side, and watch out for some new content that will be easier to talk about once the book is out. Lots happening meanwhile behind the scenes in the partner network and in the community more broadly. Exciting times! As soon as I can make the announcements, I will. Meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re in the market for an interesting speaker or interviewee any time from mid-March onwards. 


The first workshop below is nearly sold out but I’ve added another for early May. Keeping April free for the reasons given above!

All the usual discounts apply: repeat visits (not uncommon), partners, gov, edu, non-profit, country, un- or under-employment, bulk orders. If you think that one might apply to you, do please ask. Many of those considerations apply to private workshops also.

For the Deep Dive especially, if you think that you might become an Agendashift partner, partner discounts make it well worthwhile to get on board before you sign up to the workshop.

Top posts

  1. What the (Lean-)Agile scaling frameworks don’t always give you (December)
  2. If you are not already engaging on strategy, the time to get serious is now (January)
  3. What I really think about SAFe (October 2019)
  4. From Reverse STATIK to a ‘Pathway’ for continuous transformation (October 2019 again – a classic month it would seem)
  5. #2MBM: Meaning before Metric, Measure before Method (July)

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