Agendashift roundup, August 2021

By design a quiet month blog-wise, but still plenty happening! In this edition: Another non-update on the big reveal; Up and down the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation; Another virtual trip to New Zealand; Agile Uprising Podcast; Top posts, recent and classic

Another non-update on the big reveal

Unusually, there are no public Agendashift workshops in the calendar right now – in fact we cancelled some. With some changes, they will resume shortly. Yes, we’re up to something! More here (but not much):

Still foundational to what’s coming, this self-paced training:

Up and down the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation

One item under active development that I don’t mind talking about is the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation ( In the coming months there’ll be new training modules (both self-paced and interactive) that depend on it. Meanwhile, I have multiple pilot projects at home and abroad getting underway with the new assessment tool, and the early results are very encouraging, suggesting a good fit with the now quite mature trust-building and agreement-based approach to assessment already pioneered and formalised in Agendashift.

For a taste of what’s to come in this area, don’t miss this webinar on September 9th kindly hosted by Adrian Reed of Blackmetric Business Solutions:

Up and down the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation – business agility at every scale with Mike Burrows

I’ve done a lot of work on this since my slightly rushed presentation at Lean Agile Global and I’m looking forward to this very much!

Another virtual trip to New Zealand

Talking of presentations, I’ve been doing ‘Leading with and Transforming with Outcomes’ at meetups for a while now. They’re interactive enough that no two are ever alike! Returning in June to the New Zealand Limited WIP Society this fantastic comment came in the debrief on the breakouts (around 51:25 in the recording, which only recently hit YouTube):

You’ve taken us into a space where, for me anyway, I’ve not quite been in that space before

To understand how we got there, watch it here:

And a followup blog post:

Agile Uprising Podcast

I was delighted to be invited back to the Agile Uprising Podcast, interviewed jointly this time by Claudia Orozco-Gomez and Jay Hrcsko. It’s about the 2nd edition of the Agendashift book and is done with the benefit both of a few months’ perspective and the fact that my interviewers have both participated in Agendashift workshops. Hear it here:

In this week’s episode Claudia Orozco-Gomez and Jay Hrcsko sit down with the creator of Agendashift (and repeat podcast guest 🙂 Mike Burrows to discuss the second edition of his book.  We’ve covered some of the Agendashift classes before as well as Mike’s most-recent book (Right to Left) and we were quite excited to discuss Agendashift, what led to the newest edition, what learnings Mike and his team have gained to lead to a second edition, and we get to thank him in person for beautifully explaining how to use Cynefin.  Enjoy!

Top posts, recent and classic


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