Not quite ready for the big reveal

You wouldn’t necessarily know it from the blog, but we’ve been busy over the summer months. We’re not quite ready for the big reveal but I can say that it will bring some changes to our programme of public workshops. Unfortunately, it necessitates the rescheduling or withdrawal of events previously in the calendar, and in the interests of simplicity, we’ve done a complete clear-out. If you were about to make a booking, our apologies.

Some things don’t change: our self-paced online training Leading with Outcomes is still available. It will help you in the following areas:

  • Building shared understanding of context
  • Framing obstacles for maximum engagement
  • Holding meaningful conversations about outcomes
  • Approaching outcomes strategically

For leaders of all kinds – managers, business architects, coaches, consultants, facilitators, etc – there are some valuable skills there. And as the foundation for everything else the Agendashift Academy will offer its role remains secure, so don’t hesitate! Book here:

What if we put authentic agreement on meaningful outcomes ahead of solutions?

Welcome to Agendashift™, the wholehearted engagement model

Agendashift™, the wholehearted engagement model
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