Agendashift roundup, September 2022

In this edition: Leaders as keepers of context; Academy update; Agendashift assessments; Patterns of Generative Conversations; Upcoming; Top posts

Leaders as keepers of context

In case you missed it, just to highlight what by some distance has been this month’s most-read post:

Academy update

Our first Leading with Outcomes Train-the-Trainer / Facilitator finished just a couple of days ago and already I’m looking forward to December’s! It was a productive time: in the first of four half-day sessions that began last week, I took the opportunity to debut a slimline 2.0 version of the Foundation module and I plan to have an even slicker 2.1 version ready for the December event.

Availability-wise, 2.0 is available to trainers now and 2.1 will be available as soon as it is tested (ie no later than December); for Academy subscribers I’ll record the latest available version early in the new year.

More information on the Trainer / Facilitator programmes and details of the next (more Americas-friendly) TTT/F here:

Meanwhile, recording for the fourth Leading with Outcomes module Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale has started. I don’t want to commit to a release schedule just yet but do expect visible (and consumable) progress in the coming weeks.

Agendashift assessments

Two things, both of them the work of Agendashift partners:

  1. Watch Agendashift Assessments ( – Agendashift partner Steven Mackenzie interviewed by Dan Gibson for the Add Agility podcast
  2. And as translated by Caglagul Turhan, Agendashift assessments are now available in Turkish

Grateful thanks to all concerned! As mentioned in both, you can try the mini assessments in any of the supported languages for free:

The full version of the Delivery assessment is widely used in private workshops and coaching engagements, and it features in the following training:

Other templates are available; the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation Assessment was tested in a beta programme with multiple organisations a few months ago and it will feature in the forthcoming Adaptive Organisation module (see the Academy update above).

Patterns of Generative Conversations

It’s not quite back to the drawing board, but my current writing project needs rather more rework than I had anticipated. I’ve done enough already to know that it will be worth the effort, but suffice it to say that I am not currently quoting a publication schedule for what will be my fourth book. I still aim to start my fifth earlyish next year, the book of the module Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale.



Top posts

  1. Leaders as keepers of context
  2. A new (alternate) Outside-in Strategy Review template (July)
  3. Agendashift assessments are now available in Turkish
  4. Six commitments: Putting the ‘Deliberate’ into the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation (August)
  5. My favourite Clean Language question (January 2019)

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