Adaptive Organisation (II) is complete – and with it, Leading with Outcomes too

Another big milestone passed: yesterday evening I released the last chapter of the two-part module Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale. That means Leading with Outcomes is complete!

I say “complete” and not “finished” because I’ll always be making improvements. Adaptive Organisation went through two major revisions and I’ve lost count of how many iterations I’ve done on Foundation! That is not to say that I’m dissatisfied – far from it – but there is always learning to be done, especially now that there are other trainers and facilitators using the Leading with Outcomes material.

Next month we have the builders in at home so I’ll be taking a break from recording. No later than May’s roundup I will outline my plans for new content, and I have a book to finish (a commission, not a Wholehearted / Adaptive Organisation book, that one is yet to start). Today though, I will allow myself to enjoy the moment 🙂

Just to put Adaptive Organisation in some context, it’s the most advanced module of Leading with Outcomes, covering what I think of as the “deep magic” of organising, using a model that puts relationships (of several kinds) front and centre. Although there is more theory to cover, it does it very much in the style of Leading with Outcomes (outcome-oriented, “every scale” engagement, etc), it refers back to other modules, and it completes Leading with Outcomes nicely I think. That said, I have taken care not to assume too much in the way of prior knowledge. If the subject matter interests you, feel free to dive right in.

Check out the sections below for ways to access this material both in your own time and with me – mostly online, but in person in the case of the London event. The webinars and meetups (another one added only today) are all highly relevant and the next one is only two days away. One way or another (or several), please join me!

I leave you with this video (11:39), my closing thoughts from that final chapter of that final module. I hope that it makes sense standalone, or at least that it intrigues!

Closing thoughts on Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale (11:39)

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