Agendashift roundup, April 2023

In this edition: Adaptive Organisation (II) is complete; Events in May; Events in June; Latest additions to the media page; Top posts

Adaptive Organisation (II) is complete

Never say finished, but the last chapter of the last part of the last module of our leadership and organisation development programme Leading with Outcomes was released this week. Already the first certificates of completion have been issued! Read more and watch a short video (11:39):

As mentioned there, I’ll be taking a break from recording during May, not least because we have the builders in. No later than next month’s roundup I’ll outline what’s coming next content-wise.

Events in May

First up:

Related to that (my talk references his work), on May 15th at 15:00 BST, 16:00 CEST, 10am EDT we are joined for our monthly webinar/AMA by a very special guest, Flight Levels creator Klaus Leopold:

Last but not least, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (UK time), May 16th, 16th, 23rd, and 24th is our next Leading with Outcomes: Train-the-Trainer / Facilitator (TTT/F). This is likely the only time this year that we will run TTT/F in this time slot. If you are based east of the UK, this may be your best option!

Programme information:

Booking page:

Also worth bearing in mind may be these two TTT/F alternatives that aren’t in the calendar yet: In Melbourne, Australia in October I’ll be doing a 3-day event similar to the June event in London that will be upgradeable to Facilitator, though not to Trainer. And in December there will be a full TTT/F in Bengaluru, India, in person. Thank you to the Kanban Australia and Kanban India conferences for their kind invitations. About that upgrade option:

Events in June

I haven’t scheduled the June webinar/AMA yet, so just these two events in the calendar so far:

That second event is really two or three events in one, and although all sales so far have been for all three days, there are other options. The equivalent self-paced modules:

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Latest additions to the media page

In addition to the Adaptive Organisation “closing thoughts” video (see above), this podcast review of the Agendashift book:

  • 05 April, audio, podcast:
    Ep. 83: Agendashift
    Definitely, Maybe Agile – Peter Maddison and Dave Sharrock

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Top posts

  1. On one slide, a five-way mashup (April)
  2. A new pathway to Leading with Outcomes Facilitator (April)
  3. Start where you are (February)
  4. Your organisation in 5 networks (November)
  5. Sell the pain, not the solution, the theory, or the blame (December)

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