Agendashift roundup, February 2023

I have had covid for most of the past week, and though I don’t feel seriously ill, coupled with the facts 1) that with my wife I’m part of a 24*7 care team for a vulnerable family member, and 2) that I’ve been called to jury service next month, I’ve had to make some changes.

So, in calendar order:

  • Next week’s Foundation is unfortunately cancelled
  • Next week’s webinar (with guests) and meetup are still going ahead – and I’m greatly looking forward to both
  • If you’re in India next month, don’t miss Karl Scotland’s Foundation
  • My next public workshop is in April, by the kind invitation of Gervase Bushe and hosted by the Cape Code Institute, details here
  • The May Train-the-Trainer / Facilitator (TTT/F) is now open for bookings – UK mornings, relatively APAC-friendly timings (less convenient for the Americas this time round)
  • The June Foundation has moved from mornings to afternoons

If you’re wondering meanwhile how this month’s TTT/F went, check this out.

Adaptive Organisation: Business agility at every scale

There has been some impact on the not-quite-finished Adaptive Organisation module too, but I’m seeing it very much as a blessing in disguise. As agreed at a Zoom call yesterday with trainers participating in its beta programme, I will:

  1. Release the existing videos to Academy subscribers as-is as “Beta 1” – without captions, workbook, or the final chapter
  2. Release a greatly improved Beta 2 chapter by chapter

I gave a preview of Beta 2 at this month’s TTT/F, where one participant described it as “all I hoped it would be”. Yesterday’s Zoom was similarly encouraging, and I’m confident that it will be worth the wait.

From April onwards I will have capacity for private training. While Adaptive Organisation remains in beta it will be available in multiple formats at preferential pricing – so shout now if it could be of interest.

Top posts

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  2. Sell the pain, not the solution, the theory, or the blame (December)
  3. Your organisation in 5 networks (November)
  4. Between spaces, scopes, and scales (February)
  5. Leaders as keepers of context (September)

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