Agendashift roundup, August 2020

Here in the UK we have a bank holiday on Monday, so I’m getting this out before the weekend. Long or short, have a great one!

In this edition: What I really think about Scrum; Short workshops restart September 8th; Book-related updates; Upcoming workshops; Top posts

What I really think about Scrum

Within 24 hours of publication this was already my #1 post for the year. That means you’ve probably read it already, but in case you missed it:

This one set it up:

Short workshops restart September 8th

The title kinda says it all and they’re listed later in this post, but here I lay out options in terms of timezones and so on:

Also, and as per Slack, I’m looking at putting on the next 8-session Deep Dive in early November, ostensibly for Europe but early enough in the day for folks from much of APAC to join. Watch out for announcements and ping me if you want to influence my choice of dates!

Book-related updates

I’ve assembled a review team for the 2nd edition of Agendashift and I’m about to send out a first draft of chapter 1, Discovery. As I work on the book, I’m taking the opportunity to tighten up various bits of the materials. A couple of examples here:

It’s taking several weeks per chapter, so don’t hold your breath. Got to say though that I’m super happy with how it’s shaping up – developments such as the patterns, wholehearted, and its positioning as an engagement model and so on helping immensely.

Upcoming workshops

workshop 2x1

Top posts


  1. What I really think about Scrum
  2. My inverse square law of framework scaling
  3. #2MBM: Meaning before Metric, Measure before Method (July)
  4. Short workshops restart September 8th
  5. True North, tweaked


  1. What I really think about SAFe (October 2019)
  2. ‘Right to Left’ works for Scrum too (July 2018)
  3. Engagement: more than a two-way street (September 2018)
  4. I’m really enjoying Challenge Mapping (June)
  5. What kind of Organisational Development (OD)? (And a book recommendation) (May 2019)

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