Agendashift roundup, April 2021

In this edition: Leading with Outcomes launch offer; Agendashift 2021; LAG21; Featureban milestone; Upcoming; Top posts

Leading with Outcomes launch offer


Our new (and first ever) self-paced training Leading with Outcomes is off to a flying start – a pleasing number of signups and excellent feedback so far. Our launch offer expires April 30th (tomorrow) so get in there quickly! Use coupon code LEADING-WITH-OUTCOMES-20 and join for €71.20 instead of €89. Our next self-paced offering (strategy-related) will have LwO as a prerequisite, so grab it now.

Agendashift 2021

Agendashift 2021 May 18th Page Image

Not long either to the Agendashift 2021 conference on May 18th. The programme is nearly complete, and already a great lineup, including:

  • Keynote speakers Pia-Maria Thorén (Agile People, contributor of the Agendashift 2nd edition’s foreword) and Professor Gervase Bushe (author or co-author of two of the 2nd edition’s most important references)
  • Daniel Mezick (Open Leadership Network, OpenSpace Agility), contributor of the 1st edition’s foreword which contained the gift of the term engagement model, two words that describe Agendashift so well
  • Caitlin Walker (Clean Language, Systemic Modelling), author of another key reference and a prime example of the generosity and support offered by the Clean Language community
  • Evan Leybourn (Business Agility Institute), who shares in our pursuit of better organisations
  • Karl Scotland, Dragan Jojic, and Kjell Tore Guttormsen – all of whom instrumental in Agendashift’s development
  • Andrew Jones, whose Agile Listening Project is powered by Agendashift

I could go on, and watch out for further announcements on speakers and sponsors! A massive thank you meanwhile to the organising team, Andrew Jones, Kjell Tore Guttormsen, Karl Scotland, and Russ Lewis.


We’re also sponsoring another conference: Lean Agile Global 2021, organised by Agendashift partners Jose Casal & JP Bayley and their team. It takes not long after Agendashift 2021 on the 24th and 25th, and I’m a speaker on the 25th with first outing for a brand new talk based on the closing chapters of the 2nd edition. So sign up and join me for Up and down the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation – business agility at every scale.

If you’re very quick, you can join me also this evening (UK time) for a pre-conference meetup:

Featureban milestone

Via the #featureban-changeban channel on Slack, Kaiten founder and CEO Slava Tsyrulnik tells us that their online version of my Kanban simulation game Featureban has reached the impressive milestone of 5,000 games played. Moreover, the community has now contributed six language translations in addition to their two. Congratulations!


Listed now on the Academy’s Store page are our scheduled workshops, the next one only days away:

And always now the self-paced option: Leading with Outcomes.

Top posts

  1. Why the Agendashift 2nd edition? What happened?
  2. Announcing 1) our first self-paced training Leading with Outcomes (LwO) and 2) the Agendashift Academy
  3. What’s in a name? Coaching with Outcomes (CwO)
  4. Join us on May 18th for Agendashift 2021, our inaugural conference
  5. If Agendashift is the answer, what’s the question?

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