Agendashift roundup, December 2019

In this end-of-year edition: New or updated in 2019; Workshops upcoming in 2020; Top 5 posts for December so far; Top 10 posts for the year

New or updated in 2019

Announced this very productive year:

cover-right-to-left-2019-04-26.001 border

Here’s to a similarly productive 2020! With a couple of surprises up my sleeve, I have a feeling it might be 🙂

Workshops upcoming in 2020 – Tampa, London (*2), Gurugram, Malmö, Oslo (*2)

(See also our workshops and events pages)

Top 5 posts for December so far

  1. Wholehearted:OKR
  2. We’re wholehearted – are you?
  3. It’s mashup time: Adaptive challenges accomplished at their ideal best
  4. Announcing a brand new (but tested) workshop: Impact! Strategically outcome-oriented for products and services (November)
  5. Announcing v7 of 15-minute FOTO

Top 10 posts for the year

  1. (By a country mile) What I really think about SAFe (October)
  2. Stringing it together with Reverse Wardley (February)
  3. Visualising Agendashift: The why and how of outcome-oriented change and continuous transformation (June)
  4. What kind of Organisational Development (OD)? (And a book recommendation) (May)
  5. My favourite Clean Language question (January)
  6. There will be caveats: Warming cautiously to OKR (September)
  7. Martin, this one’s for you (May)
  8. It’s out! Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile (August)
  9. From Reverse STATIK to a ‘Pathway’ for continuous transformation (October)
  10. A Grand Unification Theory for Lean-Agile? (January)

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