Agendashift 2021 roundup

In this year-end edition: Top 10 new posts of 2021; Still going strong, our most-read classic posts 

Top 10 new posts of 2021

1. Leading with Outcomes: a cheat sheet (March)

Back in March, this post anticipated the launch of the Agendashift Academy and the first version of Leading with Outcomes. Today its replacement, Leading with Outcomes: Foundation, is in private beta and its launch is imminent. We’re ready to reach a broader audience now – leaders in transforming organisations – and the feedback so far has been great 🙂

And the cheat sheet itself:


2. Eating our own dog food (1/n): Our outside-in strategy review (OI-SR) (February)

The first in a short series of three posts, in which we used our own outside-in strategy review tools on ourselves.

3. The 1967 Manifesto for The Deliberately Adaptive Organisation (October)

What might have been…

4. Get unstuck and get going: Starting small with 5% and 15% outcomes (October)

On the benefits of starting small. See also the 15-minute FOTO update below.

5. Up and Down the Deliberately Adaptive Organisation (September)

Video explaining a modern take on a 70’s classic, the basis for the new Leading with Outcomes’ third track (the other two being inside-out strategy and outside-in strategy).

6. Why the Agendashift 2nd edition? What happened? (April)

A big, big update to the Agendashift book. Your holiday reading?

7. Announcing 15-minute FOTO version 11 (November)

Recent updates to our Clean Language-inspired coaching game 15-minute FOTO.

8. What do I mean by ‘generative pattern’? (May)

A detailed answer to a question that came up in a #community Zoom.

9. Inside-out or outside-in? A strategy warmup (June)

A question that split the audience 50:50.

10. Celebration-5W version 6, “your next big breakthrough” (September)

Seemingly just a small tweak but we’re still building on it!

Still going strong, our most-read classic posts

  1. From Reverse STATIK to a ‘Pathway’ for continuous transformation (October 2019)
  2. My favourite Clean Language question (January 2019)
  3. What the (Lean-)Agile scaling frameworks don’t give you (December 2020)
  4. How the Leader-Leader model turns Commander’s Intent upside down (June 2018)
  5. I’m really enjoying Challenge Mapping (June 2020)
  6. What kind of Organisational Development (OD)? (And a book recommendation) (May 2019)
  7. #2MBM: Meaning before Metric, Measure before Method (July 2020)
  8. ‘Right to Left’ works for Scrum too (July 2018)
  9. What I really think about SAFe (October 2019)
  10. Stringing it together with Reverse Wardley [Option Relationship Mapping] (February 2019)

Have a great Christmas! We’ll be back in the New Year with Leading with Outcomes: Foundation!

What if we put authentic agreement on meaningful outcomes ahead of solutions?

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